7 Day Exchange  for Sarees
Exchanges will be accepted only in the case of manufacturing defect or dispatch of incorrect item. Your product must be in its original unused condition to be exchanged. Sarees that have the blouse detached, tassles made, fall stitched or any other alteration by you cannot be exchanged.

Item(s) to be exchanged to be returned to us within 7 days of the date of receipt of goods by customer.

1. Please email with the subject “EXCHANGE REQUEST”, to request an exchange and we will acknowledge you promptly. We will also at the time of response, provide you with an address to ship your returned item.

2. Mail Item to be exchanged along with the original packaging material.

3. Once product is received, evaluated to ensure there are no damages/alterations, we will send you an email with a credit voucher for the value of the item(s) that you exchange. This credit voucher can be utilized against a future purchase either immediately or later.

4. Please email us the credit voucher ahead of making your future purchase.

5. We’ll credit the amount on your bill and send you an invoice for the balance amount payable (if any). If the value of the alternate product is lower than the returned product, we’ll provide you with a credit note for the difference. Please note that we do not offer refunds for returned goods.

Note: The buyer will be responsible for any applicable customs and duties for both the returned shipment and the items we ship in exchange.

No Returns or Exchanges on Jewellery for Sale


These terms and conditions are a legal agreement between you (“You”, “Your”) and Temple of Kanchi (“Us”, “OUR”, “T.O.K.”, “”).

By inquiring about or renting our merchandise, and or by using our services you are bound by and are a party of this agreement. We reserve the right to change the terms of this agreement at any time, the most updated version superseding all other versions.

Rental Fees

The rental fee (“Rental Fee”) does not include the safety/damage deposit or shipping cost. The rental fee only applies to the fee that you pay to borrow a specific merchandise for the specified rental period. This amount will be charged immediately upon placing your order, and you agree not to withhold any amount from us. We reserve the right to increase these prices without notice to you, understanding that we will not raise prices on orders that have been placed but not yet shipped. We rent only to adults using approved methods of payment unless a minor has been given permission to access the site. If you are under 18 years of age, you may accept these terms and conditions and order products only with the involvement and approval of your parent or guardian.

Safety/Damage Deposit

The safety/damage deposit is a separate charge from the rental fee. Each merchandise has its own specified safety deposit amount that is calculated based on many factors including (but not restricted to) to its retail value, etc. This fee is only a deposit and will be returned in full when the rented merchandise is returned in the same condition as it was when it was given to you by us (T.O.K.) and within the time frame dictated for rentals and agreed upon by both parties. When you return the merchandise to us, and we have it in our physical possession, we will evaluate the product. If there is any damage, which is determined by us at our discretion, we will further evaluate it to determine the cost of having the damage repaired professionally. In the event that we deem the product is beyond repair, we will determine the cost to replace the merchandise and its accessories and counterparts in it’s entirety. If and when the cost of repair or replacement is finalized, we will deduct this amount from your deposit and return the remainder (if any) back to you. The safety/damage deposit is charged immediately upon placing your order along with your rental fee. As with the rental fee, you agree not to withhold any amount from us.

Late Fees

A late fee of 35% of the original rental fee for each merchandise rented, for each day not returned will be charged on top of the initial rental fee. This late fee will be automatically deducted from the safety/damage deposit on top of the initial rental fee. The rental period for the rented merchandise is as follows:

Local pick-up:

The rented merchandise can be picked up between the hours of 9am-6pm on the day before the event, and must be physically returned between the hours of 9am-6pm on the following day after the event.

Non-local or international delivery:

We at Temple of Kanchi will try our utmost to get the product to you the day before (or in some cases even earlier) the event date you specify to us when you place the order. We require that you follow the return procedure (detailed below) and submit the packaged merchandise to the courier service the 1st day after your event to ensure no late fees are incurred.

Shipping Cost

The shipping cost for rental merchandise is not included in the rental fee. It is a separate charge that will be calculated based on the weight and or volume of the merchandise being shipped, where the merchandise is being shipped, and in what time frame (standard time frame or express) it needs to arrive or be delivered. We will try our utmost to provide you with the most economical, yet secure and reliable courier service available to us. However, the courier or shipping method we choose is solely up to our discretion.

By placing an order, you specifically and expressly authorise us to charge any approved method of payment you have provided on the site or otherwise, for all rental fees, safety/damage deposit and any applicable late fees.


Any and all cancellation of a rental booking must be made 10 days or more in advance of the delivery or pick-up date (day before event date specified at the time of placing order). By doing so, you will not incur a cancellation fee, and will receive a full return of the rental fee and deposit. If a cancellation fee is made any time outside of the aforementioned time line, we will give a store credit for the rental fee amount and return the deposit in full. Cancellations must be made either by emailing with the subject “CANCELLATION”, or by calling the telephone number under “contact us” on our website Cancellation is only in effect if/when you receive a confirmation after we have acknowledged your request.


Temple of Kanchi will make every reasonable effort to deliver the items you order so that they may arrive on or before the first day of your rental date. The shipping method used will be at the discretion of T.O.K. While not expected, there are a number of factors that can contribute to a slow shipment or a delay in delivery. These include but are not limited to:

Availability of the product bad weather conditions, uncleared or stall in payment, recipient’s (you) delivery address, heavier mailing seasons, order placed after set deadlines, force majeure or other events beyond reasonable control.

Please know that once Temple of Kanchi physically places the order in the hands of the courier, the responsibility for the item(s) falls upon you the member. We are not responsible for any late deliveries due to any of the foregoing occurrences.

You also acknowledge that you must provide a secured shipping address (defined herein) in order to borrow or purchase any items from us. A secure shipping address is defined as a location where the buyer or renter can physically and safely receive the products ordered. We are not responsible for items left unattended or neglected. If you fail to provide a secure shipping address, you may incur further fees for you at the sole discretion of Temple of Kanchi, and by default are solely liable for the items.

Use of Our Products

By renting from Temple of Kanchi, you agree to treat our products with the utmost care and respect. You are solely responsible for loss, destruction or damage to the product(s) due to theft, mysterious disappearance, fire, major stains, tarnishes, discoloration, or any other cause, other than normal wear or tear as determined by Temple of Kanchi at our sole discretion. If you returned a product that is damaged beyond normal wear or tear, then you agree that we shall be entitled to charge you what we deem to be the value of the said product at that time. The value of the product will not surpass the safety/damage deposit.

Return of Rental Products

Your order will arrive with a prepaid, pre-addressed envelope, as well as instruction for use. Should you lose this return packaging, you will be responsible for returning the item at your own expense and providing Temple of Kanchi with a tracking number by emailing or calling the phone number listed under “contact us” on our website

Late Returns

A late fee of 35% of the original rental fee for each merchandise rented, for each day not returned will be charged on top of the initial rental fee. This late fee will be automatically deducted from the safety/damage deposit on top of the initial rental fee. The rental period for rented merchandise is as aforementioned.

Failure to Return Product

Failure to return the product in a timely matter will be result in you forfeiting your safety/damage deposit. A late charge of 35% will be charged for each day that the rental product(s) is not returned until the charges reach or exceed the safety/damage deposit retained. Further charges will not be imposed, and at this point, the product can be considered yours to keep but on an “AS IS” basis without guarantee or warranty of any kind.

Right to Terminate

We reserve the right to terminate your right to rent products from us at any time or to reject any rental request from you to us in the event of your breach of this agreement or for no reason or any other reason at our discretion.


We at Temple of Kanchi will do our best to depict our products accurately and in detail. However, due to differences in computer display interfaces, there is a possibility that any item may appear different in colour, style, or design than in actuality. When you order or rent products from us, you are agreeing that this is a possibility and accept the product for what it is in actuality.

Temple of Kanchi reserves the right to discontinue the rental (and or sales) of any product at any time without notice to you or any other party.

The Agreement constitutes, together with any other terms, conditions or policies posted by Temple of Kanchi on our website or our other forms of business related media, the entire agreement between you and Temple of Kanchi with respect to the terms hereof and is the final, complete, and exclusive statement of the terms of the Agreement, superseding all prior written and oral agreements. Modifications may be made only by Temple of Kanchi. We reserve the right to terminate or amend this Agreement at any time for any or no reason and without notice. Any changes become effective as soon as it is posted on one, all or any combination of our business media outlets. The waiver and or termination of any term or condition or any breach thereof shall not affect any other term of condition in this Agreement. Termination or amendment to this Agreement will not relieve you of any payment obligations owed to Temple of Kanchi. All sections of this Agreement shall survive the termination of this Agreement according to their terms. Temple of Kanchi shall not be liable for failure to perform any or all of its obligations for reasons that are beyond reasonable control.


Images posted on this site are solely the property of Temple of Kanchi and cannot be used in any capacity by any other person(s) and or business(es). Doing so without express permission from Temple of Kanchi will be considered a violation and infringement and will initiated legal action.