As our name suggests, we specialize in procuring for you PURE Handloom Kanchipuram Silk Sarees ranging in design from the evergreen classics to modern and trendy. Temple of Kanchi partners with master weavers from Kanchipuram, India to provide our customers beautiful, high-end Sarees produced entirely on traditional artisan handlooms. Each Saree is crafted by skilled weavers in a time-honoured fashion and often takes 20-45 days, depending on the complexity of design, to complete.

In addition to Pure Kanchipuram Silk Sarees, we seek to bring our customers hand-picked quality Sarees from different regions all over India. We have sought out associates from Uppada for the finest Uppada Soft Silks, from Madhya Pradesh for inspiring Chanderi Cotton Silk designs, from Varanasi for magnificent Banarasi Sarees, and so forth. We ONLY offer the purest and finest fabrics. NONE of our Sarees or clothing use synthetic or low quality textiles. We endeavour to continually grow and branch out to bring our customers exclusive access to the best in South Asian ethnic apparel.


And no South Asian outfit is complete without the perfect jewellery to compliment your look. We offer a curated collection of jewellery pieces ranging from fabulously opulent to subtley eye catching. All our jewellery is gold plated (unless specified otherwise), great quality and sharp in it’s detail.


We strive to give you the best Sarees, other ethnic wear, and high-end jewellery at an affordable and accessible price. We passionately believe that anyone can enhance their inner true beauty and breathe life to their idealized vision of themselves with the right apparel and accessories. Let us be a part of that magic! We welcome you to come to the TEMPLE of KANCHI to pay homage to the inner goddess in you.